ZMAN SCENTED PaddlerZ 4inch Redbone 5 PACK

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The perfect swimbait or twitchbait for inshore saltwater pursuits, these 4” and 5” 10X Tough ElaZtech®, Pro-Cure® Super Gel infused baitfish imitations feature a slender, segmented body and a thin paddle tail that produces a seductive wiggle even on slow retrieves.

A segmented body and thin paddle tail allow the Scented PaddlerZ™ to be fished as twitch- or swimbaits, on both fast and slow retrieve speeds. Perfect whether paired with a jighead or a weighted swimbait hook, the PaddlerZ™ is ideal for inshore saltwater applications on either coast due to its subtle tail movement, side-to-side wiggle, and Pro-Cure® Super Gel scent impregnation. For freshwater anglers, the PaddlerZ™ is perfect for a variety of applications, from buzzing on the surface through the grass to use on multi-hook umbrella rigs.  Molded from 10X Tough ElaZtech® superplastic material, this finesse swimbait long outlasts other competitive products, especially when toothy or aggressive gamefish are the target!


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