Rod Holder II StarPort HD Kit Black

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Rod Holder II And StarPort HD Base

Product Specifications

About the Base:

Many kayaks come equipped with the preexisting external mount bases and rod holders from Scotty, RAM, Cannon, Fish-On, and many other variations of rectangular, four-point installation bases. This makes it really difficult to add RAILBLAZA bases and accessories to your kayak because the preexisting bases and accessories that you got stuck with are already installed to your kayak. Not anymore! With the invention of the RAILBLAZA StarPort HD – a rectangular, four-point installation base similar in size to that of Scotty, RAM, Cannon, Fish-On, and many others – you can easily remove and replace your old bases with a RAILBLAZA StarPort HD. Not only does this transition to RAILBLAZA base give you the comfort of the RAILBLAZA ‘slide locking mechanism’ fit to all of the bases and the versatility to effortlessly re-task accessories from one base to another, but the transition also opens up your accessibility to RAILBLAZA's large selection of accessories and limitless rigging possibilities. Even with the new improvements to the StarPort HD, the base stays true to the RAILBLAZA core features: stylish, low profile, based on StarPort design featuring ‘slide locking mechanism’ and compatible with ALL RAILBLAZA accessories.

About the Rod Holder:

Stop compromising rod holder standards by forcing a decision between holding a bait caster, spinning reel, offshore reel, or fly reel. The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II will hold any type of rod and reel, with quick adjustments. The rotating collar helps reduce 'strike-theft' and the rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods. This rod holder is a fully adjustable 360° around and over 90° vertically. Like all RAILBLAZA accessories, this the Rod Holder II fits all RAILBLAZA bases.

Rod Holder II And StarPort HD Base Overview

MAKE YOUR KAYAK STAND OUT - No more old, boring rod holders. Our RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II and StarPort HD Base will instantly update the look of your kayak and make it stand out from the rest.

EASY INSTALLATION - The StarPort HD fits the popular 50mm x 100mm mounting size, and its innovative tension loaded slide locking mechanism means your bases will never budge or come loose – no matter how rough the ride gets on the water.

360° ROTATION - With 20 different locking positions, our Rod Holder II offers 360° rotation for optimum viewing angles. Plus, multiple accessory mount points allow you to attach any RAILBLAZA array of accessories with ease.

PERFECT FOR BOTH FRESHWATER AND SALINE ENVIRONMENTS - Our combo is perfect for both freshwater and saline environments, so you can always have the perfect rod holder for your needs.




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